for small web shops as well as big scale logistics industry players it is important to offer quick delivery times to their customers. this requires intelligent and efficient handling of larger quantities of goods.

well-organized material streams and efficient packaging solutions help answer these needs. in addition to transport, storage and packaging, final assembly and testing are often integrated into the logistics chain to make the operations as lean as possible. today, especially in the consumer business, also returns handling and quality checks are important to organise as efficiently as possible.    

左右棋牌官方网站at treston you will find products and solutions that meet the needs. treston's ergonomic and highly modular packing tables with a wide range of accessories - the widest on the market - can easily be transformed to serve varying different kind of needs. with the help of tool holders, roll holders, cutting units, tape dispensers, material carts, extra shelves, small parts storage bins and so forth, the needed elements can be brought close at hand making it easy to do the work accurately, ergonomically and efficiently. the sit-stand chairs, the workbench led lights, trolleys providing extra storage space or additional mobile workspace further enhance the packing station functionality. modular packing workstation can service companies from sports and clothing stores to medical supplies or electronics distributors - wherever efficient packing stations are needed.  

all of treston's products are designed according to ergonomic principles. in packaging environments, it means, among other things, that all packaging materials are easily accessible and maintained.

A well designed packaging environment -

  • 左右棋牌官方网站speeds up packaging

  • reduces errors

  • improves safety

  • 左右棋牌官方网站facilitates switching of packing staff

  • 左右棋牌官方网站reduces stress

左右棋牌官方网站all of this makes it possible to work efficiently, to handle larger volumes and to increase profitability.

See our products for packaging and logistics. Packing Products

Our customers include:
左右棋牌官方网站 FNAC Logistics, Hobby Hall, Itella,, Christie's Auction House

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